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Juki 8100 dd

  • JUKI 8100 Light to Medium Weighted Sewing Machine with Automatic Lubricating full rotarty hood to create beautiful pieces.
  • Machine is flexible and responds to various kinds of materials and produces fine quality products. It runs with reduced vibration and noise.
  • Easy-to-operate functions to lighten the burden of the operator and increased productivity.
  • Fine value product for products, home sewers, contractors, alteration shops as well as high volume production factories.
  • It can do 4500 stitches per minute with maximum lenght of 5mm stitch.

The Juki DDL-8100eB is a sewing machine that has specifically designed for industrial purposes where features like high-speed operation, direct drive motor, lockstitch mechanism, automatic feature, adjustable stitch length and width, thread tension control, speed control, needle system, bobbin system, sturdy table, stand and accessories to make sewers give a classic industrial sewing experience. These types of sewing machines give efficient and reliable stitch operations for sewers.


It’s commonly used in factories, garment production, and other sewing environments that require large and reliable sewing machines with sturdy construction lasting many years. It can only sew straight stitches but also various fabrics, including denim, leather, and canvas. The Juki DDL8100eB sewing machine allows you to sew thick fabrics without worrying about the needle hitting the fabric. It gives you enough flexibility to sew a variety of different projects.