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Mauser M8121

Industrial sewing machine Typical GC 6150 MD The professional single needle lockstitch sewing machine is an advanced lockstitch model for stitching products from cotton, knitted, and synthetic fabrics. The direct drive system of the servomotor integrated into the machine significantly reduces the noise level during operation and ensures stable stitch quality at any speed. Specifications of the GC 6150 MD: Fabric type: light and medium. Maximum sewing speed: 5000 st/min. Maximum stitch length: up to 5 mm. Needle bar travel: 31.8 mm. Upgrade of the presser foot: 6 mm ~ 13 mm. Fabric conveyor: lower. Shuttle: standard horizontal. Needle type: DBx1 # 9-14. Lubrication: minimal automatic. Opening: 260×130 mm. Built-in machine serv motor with direct drive. integrated positioner needle. built-in light. supply voltage of 220 V. power consumption of 370 watts.