Brother BP3600 Computerised Embroidery Machine


Large embroidery area
9.5 x 14”

Designed for those whose creativity knows no
bounds and who demand a professional finish
every time, we’ve built the Innov-is series just for
• Perfect positioning with My Design Snap app
• Create any time with our bright 10.1” HD LCD display
and 5 adjustable light settings
• Express yourself – 727 embroidery designs
and monograms
• Laser precision for perfectly accurate sewing
• Finish faster with embroidery speeds up to 1,050spm
• Generous embroidery area of 240 x 360mm (9.5 x 14”)

On screen embroidery design
Easily edit embroidery designs and fonts. Add text,
duplicate, rotate, mirror and resize with no computer
Enhanced letter editing
Bring your words to life with easy-to-use text editing.
Curve, array, flip and adjust, all via the Innov-is’s large
touchscreen. Say what you want to say, however you
want to say it.
Colour shuffling with new
‘favourite’ function
Colour shuffling has never been easier or given you
more control. Choose your embroidery design, choose
your colour theme and scroll through the multiple
colour variations. Save up to 9 favourites to compare,
and select your ultimate favourite.
Enhanced thread palettes
Because colour is important to you, we’ve included
enhanced thread colour palettes with expanded brand
and colour choices.
LED Needle Drop Pointer
See exactly where your embroidery will be stitched
and reposition accurately using the included LED
pointer foot.
Fuss-free Stippling
Add stippling around your chosen design with the
touch of a button


More Power, More Possibilities
The Innov-is’s fast embroidery speed of up to 1,050spm gives you a
professional finish in super-fast time.


Let your imagination and
creativity run wild with the
extensive library of over
700 built-in embroidery


Perfection in the background
My Design Snap lets you visualise the whole hoop on
screen, giving you the ability to position and create
designs anywhere in the hoop. This ‘background
scanning’ feature provides virtually endless creative
options, and ensures your projects are always perfect.
Simply snap your fabric in its hoop, send wirelessly to your
Innov-is then easily select, position and customise your
embroidery patterns.
This revolutionary feature means you can also ‘draw’ onto
your fabrics using the touchscreen, and convert straight
into embroidery data with no PC or software required.
Stitch out right away, or save to use again and again.
Turn just about anything into
Unleash your design potential and capture happy
memories using My Design Snap to convert images,
handwriting or line drawings into embroidery data.
Snap your image, send wirelessly to your Innov-is and your
machine will convert the image to stitch data and
transform it into your own unique works of art.


My Design Center
We know you’re creative, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as designing your own pieces. Using our
powerful, easy-to-use editing programme – My Design Center – means creating your own custom works of art
has never been so easy, or fun!

• Draw directly on the large LCD display to create
• Outline recognition for stipple and fill patterns –
accurately stipple anywhere on any project.
Choose from the 15 built-in decorative fill
patterns or select stipple stitch and the machine
does the rest.
• 60 closed shapes and 30 open shapes
• 5 line styles and 1 “no-sew” setting
• Recognise embroidery outline from embroidery
mode and save up to 6 shapes


It’s just a ‘snap’ away
Perfect embroidery has never been so easy to achieve with
the Brother ‘My Design Snap’ app.

Perfect positioning*, from your
With Innov-is’s new My Design Snap app you can use your
mobile device for quick, easy and precise embroidery
positioning. Just take a picture of your fabric in the special
embroidery hoop and wirelessly send the data to your
There’s an easy version for quick positioning and an
advance setting, using Brother’s snowman sticker system,
for more detailed projects.
Simply place the Snowman where you’d like the design to
be embroidered and hoop your project. Snap, preview on
screen and you’re ready to go! The design will
automatically rotate and position itself in the designated
The Innov-is’s precision positioning system means that
whatever you create, draw or upload, your embroidery is
always on point.
It’s just a ‘snap’ away
Perfect embroidery has never been so easy to achieve with
the Brother ‘My Design Snap’ app.
It’s as easy as:
1. Snap it
2. Convert it
3. Embroider it


General features

Workspace 11.25” (285mm) long arm to the right of the needle and
5” (127mm) height from sewing bed to top of machine arm
Lighting Almost 11” (280mm) of full-spectrum lighting around the
needle with five adjustable brightness settings
Needle threader Easy to use, automatic needle threading system
Bobbin winder Independent bobbin winder system with adjustable winding
Wireless Wireless LAN capability for exchange of embroidery data
with PE-Design 11 and My Design Snap mobile app
Thread tension Automatic thread tension
Thread cutter Trims upper and lower threads automatically
Presser foot Automatic presser foot lift and extra high lift
Thread sensors Gives you a warning when your upper and lower threads are
running low
Teaching movies Up to 24 built-in teaching videos and MP4 playability
Start/stop button Ergonomic large start/stop button for use without the foot
Environment Save energy with the Eco and Deep Sleep modes
My Design Center Create your own designs on-screen
My Design Snap Mobile app for perfect placement of embroidery designs
LCD Display Large and clear 10.1’ (800 x 1280px) built-in HD LCD
Intuitive user interface Easy-to-use screen layout and realistic preview of selected
stitches and patterns
USB connectivity
Two high-speed USB ports to upload designs easily. Can
also use an optional external USB embroidery card reader
for older Brother design cards
Multilingual 12 built-in languages
Safety features
Easily disengage needle to make changing presser feet and
needles safer, and lock the screen to avoid any accidental
stitch changes
Updates Software update capability



Embroidery features

Embroidery area Large 240 x 360mm (9.5 x 14”) embroidery area
Built-in designs Total 727 embroidery pattterns, monogram and
buttonhole shapes
Built-in fonts Built-in 24 embroidery fonts (22 Alphabet & 2 Cyrillic)
Text edit functions
Simplified user interface for text input and editing, with
various editing capabilities such as curving, arraying and
space adjustment
Font sizes S/M/L size for font designs
Built-in frame designs 140 frame pattern combinations
Thread trimming Jump stitch and end of colour thread trimming with thread wiper
Density On-screen auto density adjustment (Stitch-To-Block)
available for embroidery and letters
LED pointer Laser pointer for precise pattern placement
Advanced editing functions
Design editing, flip designs horizontally, pattern rotating
(0.1, 1, 10 and 90 degrees), drag and drop operation,
zoom up to 200%
Basting Embroidery basting
Colour Shu翿 ing Choose your preferred colour variations and select
favourites to compare
Stippling No-fuss stippling in embroidery edit
New selection methods Easily select the object(s) you wish to work on in
My Design Centre
Colour change Direct touch button for changing colours of embroidery patterns
Resume function Resume your embroidery at the exact spot where you
stopped incase of a power failure or accidental interruption
Appliqué creator Built-in Appliqué Creator; create multiple appliqués in one hoop
Optimised colour sorting Quickly sort colours in different designs for optimised
sewing order and to minimise thread changes
Frame detection Automatic embroidery frame size detection
Progress bar View the progress of an embroidery pattern or individual colour,
and use to move forwards/backwards through the design
Thread Pallets Select various thread brands for built-in and external designs
Included frames, compatible
with My Design Snap
Two standard frames included 240 x 360mm (9.5 x 14’)
and 130 x 180mm (5 x 7’)


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