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Ricoma SWD 1201 (32x20)

Using advanced network technology, users can link together as many Ricoma SWD machines as desired to create an extremely flexible production system. Embroider the same design on all of your machines at the same time or embroider different designs on individual machines simultaneously


  • Servo motor for main axis movement
  • Servo motors for X and Y axis movements
  • Intelligent thread break detection
  • Double cam and double driver system
  • Trimming with stepping motor
  • AC motor for color change
  • Motor-controlled jump stitch
  • Upper thread holding system
  • Integrated AC motor hooking system
  • Heavy duty linear guide rail for X and Y axis drives
  • Reinforced frame guide rail
  • Heavy duty frame bearing
  • No-contact inductive lever switch
  • Thread break detection
  • Automatic and manual color change
  • Design display and preview
  • Forward and rewind designs at high and low speeds
  • Automatic trimming
  • Rotate, resize, edit and multiply designs
  • Edit design density and compensation directly on screen
  • Design tracing helps ensure your needle does not hit the hoop
  • Return to the start point or end point
  • Multiple languages available
  • Preset hoops set hoop boundaries for perfect centering