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Computerized embroidery sewing machines are these generations sewing machine, with the advancements in technology, sewing machines have also taken their part by now allowing us to perform complex embroidery patterns easier than ever. Computerized embroidery sewing machine is the best innovation that a traditional sewing machine could get. Allowing us to not only stitch but also design and embroider is the technology. Moreover all the functions getting atomized and minimalizing the human hand is the usage of these machines.
Computerized embroidery sewing machines are paving the way for the future of fashion and embroidery in garments. While there was always a high demand for traditional clothes, people are now demanding for traditional clothes with modern embroidering. Advancements in fashion and advancements in design can all be met with the help of computerized embroidery sewing machines.

Our Range of Products

Sri Dhanalakshmi Enterprises being the authorized sole distributors of many leading sewing machine brands, we offer the customers a huge range of products to choose from.

Home Sewing Machine: Singer, Brother, Bernina, Viking, Pfaff, Vidya.

Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine: Brother, Bernina, Viking, Pfaff, Ricoma.

Industrial Sewing Machine: Metal Wheel, Singer, Zoje, Baoyu, Typical, Juki, Jack, Brother.

Other Brands: Ralson, Friend, Sheela, Revo.

Our Products

We are a multi brand sewing machine store dealing with more than 15 brands and 3 different types of sewing machines.

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Home Sewing Machines

Singer | Brother | Bernina | Viking | Pfaff | Vidya | Metal Wheel

Home Sewing Machines are the machines which are used for a very basic domestic use. They are suitable for home usage. Basic stitching and embroidery can be done on these machines. There are two types of domestic machines – traditional machines which have a stand and a table, and portable machines which have an inbuilt motor.

Computerised Embroidery Sewing Machines

Brother | Bernina | Viking | Pfaff | Metal Wheel | Ricoma

Computerised Embroidery Machines are the high end technology oriented machines. Suitable for boutiques, tailoring shops, Industries, entrepreneurs in the sewing field and for varied house uses too. The machine is capable of automatically embroidering a piece of fabric with the design we select.

Industrial Sewing Machines

Metal Wheel | Singer | Zoje | Baoyu | Typical | Juki | Jack | Brother

Industrial machines are high speed straight stitch machines. Usually used in boutiques, tailoring shops, garment manufacturing industries and by entrepreneurs in the sewing field. They produce a high quality output with high speed and accuracy.

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Good place, nice products. Best place for computer embroidery machines. Their service is really good. They are the best computer embroidery machine dealers in Telangana

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Good machines, nice service and people. Price is fixed, price is worth the quality.

sure sreekar

This is the only place where we can buy All types of Stitching Machines and Extreme Quality Embroidery Threads and etc….

Sravan Kumar

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